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Heart-in-Hand  Quilting, LLC     
Custom Quilting in the Heartland  

About Us...


Hello and Welcome to


Our Mission:

We specialize in helping you finish your pieced Quilts with beautiful Quilting stitches that accent and compliment your Quilt.  We promise to handle your Quilt   with all the love you did as you were planning and piecing it.  We pledge satisfaction… after all a satisfied customer returns and brings friends.   We also pledge, to do our very best and do it joyfully. 


Our Website:

We are so excited to share this web space with you, hope you stay awhile, wander around, and visit often, to see our changes and developments.  We hope to ad tid-bits of Quilting History and lots and lots of Quilt   pictures as we grow. 


My Experience:

My name is Dedra and I Love Quilting!!!  I have loved Quilts as long as I can remember, after all I am from the “Holly Hobby “and “Little House on the Prairie “generation.  We also come from a family background of Quilting,   mothers, aunts, grandmothers and greats.  I have been Quilting since 1986.  My favorite part of Quilting is  the actual ”Quilting”   …that is stitching together the layers that transform the piece into a Quilt,   either by hand or by machine.    I also love fabrics and love to know about the history behind the tradition of each Quilt Block and each Style of Quilting. Most of my quilting has been for family and friends.  I have in the past year started entering a few Quilt Shows and Challenges.  I was very proud to win a Blue Ribbon for Hand Quilting at Stewartsville Quilt Show with my Quilt Amish – Black Tie and Roses, which you can see in the Gallery.

Dedra’s Bio:

I was born in Missouri, then I grew up on the road as an Air Force “Brat”, longing to move home.  I now appreciate my experiences and how they have shaped my outlook on life.  We always came back to visit our Grandparent’s Farms and kept close ties here.

My college degree is in Mathematics, which often comes in handy when Quilting.  I worked for “the Phone Company” for several years in computer support before I had my first child and became a stay home Mom.  The hardest and most important job in the world in my view.

Now I do live in Missouri on a small farm in a log cabin, we built.  I love it; it’s like a dream come true.  I have been married for 21 years to a wonderful supportive husband, who is a military pilot.  He is my business partner and tech support.  We have 3 great kids... 15,12, and 2.  Yippes…it’s that two year old surprise that has motivated me to find a profitable profession that I am passionate about and still be a stay home Mom. Quilting is so much a part of my life that it is a natural choice for my profession.  And… Quilters are such great people to work with.

I also love pets and gardening. I raise one or two litters of English Springer Spaniels a year so if you are interested see our website at:  www.PipersSpringers.com  


Lisa’s Experience:

Surprisingly, I went on my first “Quilt Trip” in Oct. 2007 and bought materials for my first 2 quilts – “Turning Twenty” in flannels for my youngest son and a Christmas Story kit for my (then) soon-to-come granddaughter!  I have never looked back!  Dedra has been my inspiration and my mentor.  After working for 27 years at the “Phone Company” and my youngest gone to college – I was ripe for a vocation with meaning and depth.  What better than quilting??  I now have a Long-arm machine and am finishing my 5th quilt in July ’08.  I’m looking forward to many years of quilting experiences!  

Lisa’s Bio:

I was born in Missouri, but my folks were busy traveling with my father’s work so I got to experience many states and many schools until we moved back to the farm just in time for high school.  After college – I traveled to the “Big City” and spent the next 30 years working and raising my family.  Now, my husband & I have one of Dedra’s Springers, stay busy keeping up with church, children, grandchildren, real estate and now quilting!



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